Vapoureyes - -273 SUPER STEEPED

$18.95 $11.37

A strong menthol blend, an excellent vape to clear your head. (When we say strong, we mean strooong! May need diluting before used in a dripping atomiser)

Note: Sometimes when it's really cold the menthol starts to crystalise inside the bottles. It's totally bad-ass, but still totally vape-able just give it a shake, she'll be right.

Primary Flavour Notes: 

  • Inhale: Menthol, Ice
  • Exhale: Sweet Wintergreen and Peppermint

Blend %: 30PG / 70VG

Bottle Sizes: 30ml, 60ml, 120ml

Bottle Features: Soft Squeeze PE, Dripper Cap, Batch Recorded

Please note that products labeled as super steeped means these e-liquids may have already, or are near passing their best before date. Well stored, unopened e-liquids are safe for consumption, merely the flavour and nicotine may have become slightly weaker.

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