SMOK TFV8 Baby Beast / Big Baby Beast Replacement Coil Pack


Brand SMOK

Pack of five replacement coils.

For Use With

SMOK Baby Beast Tank
SMOK Big Baby Beast Tank
SMOK H-Priv Mini Kit
SMOK Brit-Beast Tank
SMOK Baby Prince Tank
SMOK Stick V8 Kit*

*We recommend the M2 0.15Ω or 0.25Ω designs for use with the Stick V8 Kit

Wattage Ranges
Q2 0.4Ω Dual Core: 40W - 80W (55W - 65W recommended)
Q2 0.6Ω Dual Core: 20W - 50W (30W - 40W recommended)
Q4 0.4 Ω Quadruple Core: 30W - 65W (50W - 60W recommended)
X4 0.15Ω Quadruple Core: 30W - 70w (45W - 60W recommended)
M2 0.15Ω M2 Dual Core: 25W - 45W (35W recommended)
M2 0.25Ω Dual Core: 25W - 45W (35W recommended)
T6 0.2Ω Sextuple Core: 40w - 130W (70W - 90W recommended)
T8 0.15Ω Octuple Core: 50w - 110W (60W - 80W recommended)