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John Sassafras


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Morris' grandfather used to tell him stories of old man John Sassafras, wandering the wilderness with only the clothes on his back, his pack full of supplies, and a faded journal containing the last known copy of the perfect Sarsaparilla. Two parts sarsaparilla root, one part cherry, cola, vanilla extract, wintergreen, molasses, and anise. Nectar of the gods.

John Sassafras is a home-made, herbal, root-beer/sarsaparilla juice.

Morris been working on this juice for a good six months now, and is finally happy with it. While it might not be for everyone, if you are a fan of the old-timey drink you will not be disappointed!

Current: V.0015

Main Flavours: 

Inhale: Slight, sweet menthol. Vanilla, Cherry
Exhale: A cool exhale, with; Sassafras, Wintergreen, Anise

Pair With: A roaring fireplace

Blend %: 50PG / 50VG

Recommended Steep Time: Recommended Steep Time 2 - 14 days. It starts slightly medicinal and cold, but gets warmer/creamier with age. We personally vape it right away!

Doubler/Bottle Sizes: 15ml/30ml

Regarding "Doublers":

The "Doubler" option is for customers who intend to add nicotine to their vapour liquid. Doublers are double strength vapour liquids designed to be diluted 1:1 with additional VG, PG and nicotine. Our doublers are provided in bottles twice the volume to make mixing a no-mess process.



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