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Evening Tobacco


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Some people love this liquid, others... not so much :)

This Tobacco will remind you of what you remember cigarettes tasting like.

"I've had some Evening Tobacco steeping for a couple of weeks and I gotta say I'm a fan, it's not like any other tobacco juice, this is void of sweetness, it's smokey and harsh with pepper,spice, slightly nutty and it leaves a lingering rollie cigarette taste in the mouth, I doubt it would be possible to create a more authentic tobacco flavour, I think there is no middle ground with this juice, you'll either think it's the most foul think you've ever vaped or it'll be the best tobacco ever made, for me it's the latter"

Main Flavours: 

  • Inhale: Smokey
  • Exhale: Herbal, Spicey Tobacco
  • Pair With: Dark Ale

Blend %: 50PG / 50VG

Recommended Steep Time: 3-7 Days

Doubler/Bottle Sizes: 15ml/30ml

Regarding "Doublers":

The "Doubler" option is for customers who intend to add nicotine to their vapour liquid. Doublers are double strength vapour liquids designed to be diluted 1:1 with additional VG, PG and nicotine. Our doublers are provided in bottles twice the volume to make mixing a no-mess process.



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